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Beddy's Bedding For The WIN

I don't know about you, but getting my kiddos to make their beds is like pulling teeth! Hands down the BEST Mom hack for this is Beddy's bedding! Asher is 5 and can easily make his bed everyday now. Beddy's is a one piece zipper bedding solution. It has a sewn in sheet or minky blanket lining depending on your preference. The system fits over your mattress like a fitted sheet and the entire thing is machine washable! It really is the ultimate bed in a bag situation and making the bed is as easy as zipping it up! I have a link saved on my links page for you. Definitely check it out! Plus you can use the coupon code ASTRA to save some money.

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Amber Beach
Amber Beach
05 ago 2021

I love this space❤️

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Thank you ❤️

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