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En Suite Bathroom Reno Week 2: Fall 2021 Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge

Are you ready for it?!?! DEMO WEEK! FIRST THINGS FIRST, Voting opens TODAY! Yep, you can vote for my reno project one time every day! Please take a minute and vote. The grand prize is 5k DREAM VACATION! Momma needs a vacation VOTE HERE!

I think Demo is the most fun part of a renovation! I love tearing stuff up LOL. Do you have some frustrations to get out? Well, tear a bathroom up…you can work it all out in there! Surprisingly, there were no major hiccups and week 2 reno was smooth as butter! Check it out! Then we will dig into what this space will look like when I am finished!

And Then There Was NO Tub…

The first item to go was the tub! Although it was pretty…the jets no longer worked and to be honest, I’ve dreamt of a free-standing tub for years…so I figured now was my chance!

I started by removing the wooden frame and tub surround, then all of the tiles that were surrounding the tub. My favorite part…we actually tossed the tub over the balcony! Of course we watched it in slo-mo…and that was the most exciting part of Day 1 demo!

Up next, I removed the rest of the tiles that were up on the walls. I continued over to the shower walls, then removed the tiles in front of the water closet.

One of my least favorite things about this shower were the dropped ceilings. I have 10-foot ceilings in the bathroom. There was no reason to feel like I could jump and hit my head on the ceiling anytime I was in the shower. The dropped ceiling HAD TO GO!

In addition to saying goodbye to that dropped ceiling, I also removed the cabinets and countertops.

Now that so much has cleared out, I am starting to get really excited about the changes to come.

Let’s Talk Changes…

A couple of the most noticeable structural changes will be the shower and water closet.

My current shower will double in size (already differing from my vision board that included a glass shower LOL) and my current water closet will get an additional 3 feet and a door. EEEEKKKKK As you can see below, I removed the flooring out to where both the shower and water closet will extend. I can’t wait to put them back together.

That wraps up Demo week! Next week plumbing is getting moved for the new (old) vanity, framing is going up, and drywall is going back in! I can’t wait to see this really start taking shape.


Last but not least, a special shout out to our renovation sponsors… Jeffrey Court, Frog Tape, and Wagner!


As a reminder, I am sharing the progress weekly along with lots of photos! Make sure to head over to my Instagram to catch all of the behind the scenes and details in my stories.

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