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DIY Accent Wall-Picture Frame Moulding

I know, I's been a while since I posted to my Blog but I am back! I am so sorry for the hiatus...but balancing a 9-5, writing for a magazine, producing content for my Instagram and TikTok, being a licensed realtor (in 2 states, and working on a 3rd), and a single mom of two....well as you can just gets a little overwhelming. Can you relate?!? I promise to do a better job of posting here though. I have soooo many projects to share. So let's jump into one!

You all know I love a good accent wall! so let's talk about the changes I made to my upstairs hallway! If you have been following my IG for a while, you may remember when I added faux shiplap to the hallway....well it's time for it to go!

Once I removed all of the shiplap, I cut down several1x4x8 boards to create 3 separate sections and added them to the wall by brad nailing them on. I also added two 1x3x8s to the top the boxes to trim it out.

Now, to add a little more detail...I used PVC base cap trim on the inside of each box. This created some depth and interest. I simply cut them at 45 degree angles on each end and attached them with a brad nailer.

Last but certainly not least, I filled in all of my nail holes and any gaps with caulk and painted it all Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

I completed this project in less than 2 hours and WOW the impact is huge. I chose to decorate the space by adding pictures of my kiddos but you could definitely leave it without adding decor. Now I just need to finish the rest of the hallway!

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