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DIY Childrens Valentine's Cards

Let's make custom Valentine's cards for your kids class party!

These turned out so cute and were so simple to make. Here's a video of the process and I have also included the easy steps below.

Here are the easy steps!

1.) Take a photo of your little one with their hand out in a fist as if they are holding a sucker in their hand and showing it to you.

You could simply stop here, print them as 4x6's, hand write a note on the back, cut slits above and below their hand, and insert the sucker....but let's make them a little bit more fun!

2.) I used the sticker feature on the iPhone to cut Asher's figure out and make the background disappear (this step isn't a necessity but makes the card even cuter!)

3.) This is where the fun begins. I went to Canva and picked a really cute Valentine's template that could be printed in a 4x6.

4.) Next, I uploaded the sticker of Asher, moved the "Happy Valentine's Day" text to the top left corner, and added text to read " From: Asher " in the bottom left corner.

5.) I uploaded the card to my computer and printed them as 4x6 photos at my local Walgreens.

6.) Buy the lollipops of your choice, grab your cards and cut a slit at the top and bottom of the fist using an x-acto knife or scissors, and insert your lollipop!

These are the cutest cards. Are you going to try to make them for your kiddos Valentine's cards this year?

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