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En Suite Bathroom Reno Week 3: Fall 2021 Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge

Demo was SERIOUS Business! There was more to do than I thought BUT there were no major hiccups in week 3. Everything that needs to be torn out is down and new framing is going up! I am actually starting to like what I see!

Bathroom Demo is Done Dude!

I started out week 3 with some plumbing movement in preparation for the new vanity! Mr. Tyrus from Tyrus Construction has been a LIFE SAVER in week 3. There are so many things in this reno that I’ve never tackled so it helps to have a professional contractor that is a family friend and willing to jump in and help me out when I need it. The cool part is, I am right beside him learning soooo much! He is a great teacher. The next time a rip out a bathroom, I will be ready to tackle so much more on my own!

Once the plumbing was moved, I brought my new/old sideboard in to get a good idea of what it will look like in this space. This vintage piece is sooo dreamy. I decided to center it in front of the bathtub area instead of centering it on this back wall. It may look strange now but I will give that corner some life by adding some cute floating shelves, a little table, a full length mirror and maybe an old wooden chair to give that corner a whole VIBE!

This may be pretty controversial…but I also removed the huge storage cabinet that was to the left on the bathroom door. It was so big and obtrusive. Although I removed it, I didn’t get rid of it. It’s now in the GINORMOUS walk-in closet! I’ve got to give you guys a closet tour once this bathroom is complete. There was plenty of space to spare in there .

HANDS DOWN, my favorite part of this week was definitely framing the additional space to the water closet and shower! I had A LOT of help with this.

I initially tackled the water closet framing on my own. I wanted to put my skills to the test and see if I could do it! AND I DID! Then Mr. Tyrus came to help me out with getting it all squared up and adding some additional framing and a slightly dropped ceiling so we didn’t have to move the electrical. I also got to use a framing nail gun for the first time which is EXTREMELY powerful  Before Mr. Tyrus brought that framing gun over, I was using a good old hammer and nails. UMMMM, I will just say…the investment in a framing gun would be WELL worth the money if you are tackling a framing project on your own.

Once the water closet was complete, it was time to tackle the additional shower framing!

I can’t believe how big this shower is going to be. I may just move my bed into this bathroom! This shower will more than DOUBLE in size.

After we finished tackling the framing, Mr. Tyrus added another foot or so to my plumbing for the vanity since I decided to center it on the bathtub instead of the wall. Then that was a wrap for week 3.

The most noticeable structural changes this week were definitely the shower and water closet. Framing those out really started to give this bathroom demo new life! Next week I will be adding drywall, adding the shower fixtures, adding the shower pan and drain….and hopefully start working on my wood accents for the walls and TILE!

SOUNDS like week 4 will be INCREDIBLY BUSY!


Last but not least, a special shout out to our renovation sponsors… Jeffrey Court, Frog Tape, and Wagner!


As a reminder, I am sharing the progress weekly along with lots of photos! Make sure to head over to my Instagramto catch all of the behind the scenes and details in my stories.

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