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Pottery Barn Dupe-Hanging Bells

The Pottery Barn hanging bells were super popular this season and an inspiration for my dupe/DIY version here. This turned out great! It was super simple...and the hardest part is definitely finding somewhere that has the bells in stock. See how I completed this below.

Step 1: Finding the bells! So many websites are sold out of these gorgeous bells, but guess what...I bought some online for my mantle from The Nested Fig and they still have some sizes in stock! I also have a coupon code rbfarmhouse10 that will save you 10%.

Step 2: Gather the materials you will use to hang the bells. I bought a 1.25" wooden dowel rod. Then I ordered a couple ceiling mount curtain rod brackets from Amazon.

Step 3: Decide on garland to wrap around your rod. I like the look of this faux cedar garland .

Step 4: Assembling your hanging bells is super easy. Mount your brackets in your desired location on your wall ( I spray painted mine gold). Cut your wooden dowel to your desired length, then slide your wooden dowel into the brackets (I also spray painted my dowel gold). Pull one end out of the bracket and slide the bells on. My bells came hanging on rope and are different lengths and sizes. Add as many bells as you would like for your desired effect.

This is a super easy dupe and I am absolutely obsessed with the way it turned out. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

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